Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grief Poem

I haven't put in  poems in a while.  The first one is rather dark so I added a short one I wrote in a poetry workshop today.  My work right now is staying in the present.  My eating, sleeping, and everything is off because I am already anticipating the second round of holidays without my husband (including his birthday Dec. 11 and my birthday/wedding anniversary Feb. 3).  How not to react to something that even happening yet. Keep on keeping on - it is such a gift to me to witness the courage of so many people after losing the person they love most. 

The Last Dance

I’m dancing the dance
of the broken bones

dissection is painless
for the already dead
the scalpel inserted
pulls the face from the head

feeling a little disjointed
with the flesh peeled away
the eye socket winks
the throat has something to say

Don’t close the curtain
lie down in my grave
there’s energy left
something to save

the theater is empty
the audience gone
no one remembers
the name on the stone

An insistent tap tapping
won't end our dance
of the broken bones.

Morning Glory

This morning when I woke up;
I woke up
was baptized by a pigeon
and heard the owl laugh.

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