Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grief: Who Put The Super Glue In My Bed?

I wasn't going to write today.  I'll tell you.  I had nothing planned and was going to be PRODUCTIVE.  I have my gym pants on my bottom and my pajama tops on my top.  The pajama tops won.  I know I'm in the valley between the year and a half anniversary of my husband's death and my 60th birthday/would have been 15th anniversary - but come on.  I guess I needed an I am collapsed day.  Wasn't even watching anything - just laying there. 

Finally got up and looked at my e-mail.  Someone asked me to do a podcast.  Someone asked me to do something else.  The world was bouncing about all around me and I wasn't about to join it. 

So I decided to sign on just to say tomorrow is a busy creative day.  Tomorrow is a busy creative day.  Tomorrow is a busy creative day.  I'm going to take those super glue sheets and replace them with ejector sheets. xo

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