Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grief Poem Life Force

Grief Poem

Life Force

I cannot write with simple words
I want the bow to break
I cannot read the simple words
I want my heart to ache
How can I accept your Cyrano
who has nose but no Panache
How can I adore your Errol Flynn
who has buckle but no swash

Hear then, the simple phrase,
my husband has no longer breath.
It never can express to you
the full emptiness of our death

or that love
when it is gone, remains
like neon strobe lights
pulsing memory and pains
So keep your ordinary to yourself
Put your dull poems on the shelf
While I contort my weary brain
to craft a more colorful refrain

A magician finds live rabbits in his hat
Surely a poet must do more than that.

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