Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grief Feeling Better

I went to someone on Wednesday who does something called EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique.  It doesn't make any sense logically to me but involves tapping on points of your body and hypnotic suggestion.  The only thing about it is that I feel better.  It's not that my grief is gone - but some of the deadening paralyzing parts are.  Today anyway.  I've been busy with several things and apologize for not posting sooner.  One thing I keep learning is that we all feel grief  in different ways and what works for one person may or may not work for another.  What I like is building a community - on line or off line - of people who understand and accept and want to be honest about their feelings instead of hide them.  We each have our own burdens and our own ways of coping.  We also each have our own blessings and ways of being grateful.  Today I'm trying to remember how lucky I was to have Artie love me for so many years instead of staying in the dark sad place where I feel homeless without him.  This is short because still the mundane things have to be done.  I have the lovely Amanda who runs Artie's Alcoholics Anonymous meeting now coming to stay for the weekend and I have to clean up a little.  Life insists on going on whether we want it to or not.  I am feeling a little tired and overwhelmed at coming back into the world with so many different things happening - I like my cozy bed nest.  Still trying to find the balance between being safe and alone and out there doing things.  Just writing cozy bed nest made me want to go take a nap!!  Keep your courage up.  It takes a lot sometimes to do even a simple thing.

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