Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grief Poem For Jules

Jules was the kind person who moved all my (our?) things from California to NYC.  The name of his company is Annie Hauls. 

For Jules

The wooly mammoth fills the living room
five feet high and five feet long
You must walk around it to see the park
or hang the paintings
which Jules had come to do.

Finishing a task he had begun
by moving treasured vanities
from our home in California
now house
to my New York City apartment
antiques, smiling pictures
a woolly mammoth,
a dead man's slippers and clothes.

I was queen of the one nail but Jules
knew how to drill holes in solid walls
insert the proper fasteners
and hang the paintings straight.

He laughed while he worked;
gifting me a tiny seed
planted in dusty soil
watered by tears
that even in my shattered world
there were some things that could


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