Monday, February 7, 2011

Grief: A Good Night Story

I am having so much trouble sleeping I thought I would write myself a good night story even though it is only 4 in the afternoon.  Please take it and change it to fit the person - or persons who you love who have died - and to fit your own memories.

I am being held by my husband again and I feel safe and warm and protected.  I hold on to him as tightly as he holds on to me.  I feel his spirit all around me - but in my imagination I feel his body too and I hear his voice again.  He says, "Once upon a time when I was still alive I promised I'd never leave you and although you feel I have - I haven't.  I am holding you all the time and if you breathe in and relax you will feel me.  When you close your eyes to sleep we will be together like we always are.  Do you remember how I hated to travel so before we went to sleep we would say where we would meet in our dreams?  Sometimes we said we would go to Paris and stroll along the Champs Elysee - sometimes we said we would go to our imaginary places like Monkey Island and have adventures there.  I know it is hard for you to sleep in a bed without my body in it.  I know it is hard for you to rest when I am so near and yet so far.  Yet, if you sleep I will fill your dreams with happy memories. Please do not search endlessly for me in your dreams.  I am not lost, let our happy memories fill your dreams.  Do you remember how you hated it when I said I couldn't wait to come home to you and then went upstairs to watch boxing on television?  I felt like we were together because we were in our house.  You only felt like we were together when we were close enough to touch.  Now we are always close enough to touch, just in a different way.  I know that it seems to you that now I am always upstairs and you cannot reach me - but all you have to do to reach me is be.  Earth seems so far away from where I am and you want to rush to join me.  I want for you to enjoy your body while you have it.  I want for you to love your living earthly life while you have it.  I don't have arms to put around you anymore - but I am holding you close all the same with my energy and spirit.  I will wait for you to join me - but even though I am dead and you are living our journey continues together.  Rest your head on your pillow and close your eyes and feel me comforting you.  Listen to the whisper of me loving you.  I am singing all the old songs to you as I did when I was alive.  Our love is your lullaby.  Sleep in peace my love, and wake in joy.  I understand your tears but I do not need them - I love the sound of your laughter so much more.  You still are everything to me as I am to you.  Tonight when it is time for you to sleep, close your eyes and remember I am with you.  Tonight, when it is time for you to sleep do not wake until the morning.  I know you always wake up at the time when I died.  You don't need to do that anymore.  You can get a good night's sleep now because I am telling you that I am watching your every breath.   I love you. You're my heart.  Always."

Sweet dreams.  xo

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