Monday, November 14, 2011

Grief: My e-mail

I realized I don't often look at the comments.  If anyone ever wants to talk with me - please e-mail me at  I also have an open Facebook page and you can message me.

We are all in this together.  Thank you so much to people who read this blog.  I'm so sorry you have to.  If helps even one person a little then it is worth it.  Actually - it does - me!  It helps me to share my ups and downs with all of you.  I'm only sorry that we sometimes find it difficult to relax in the arms of the ones we love - even if they aren't physical arms anymore.  I'm sorry that it isn't easy or simple for a lot of us. I'm sorry that we can't always see ourselves with the loving eyes that are only a memory now.  I believe it is in joy that I most honor my husband - I can't always manage that.  But, as someone told me, what I can do is keep on keeping on. 

With love.  Jan

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