Saturday, December 24, 2011

Grief; A Holiday Medley Part 3: A Child Is Born

What does that mean?  If you are Christian it is a literal thing.  On Christmas people celebrate the birth of Jesus.  If you are not Christian you don't think of Jesus as the Messiah but you can still celebrate the birth of a great teacher whose message was love.  A great teacher whose message was to take the feeling of love and extend it to all people.  Whose message was to take the feeling of love and turn it into action.  If you see someone in need you don't just walk past them.  You stop and offer help. That's so hard to do. I wasn't even thinking about it - but in this rather trendy area in Seattle where Erin lives - full of children and dogs - in the three blocks between my little apartment and her house I often walk past one or two homeless people and make judgements that allow me to do nothing. Super Granny walking through the night could stop for a minute even if only to wish that they will have a better life soon.

A child is born. A human child. My daughter gave birth to a beautiful girl. Every day many children are born.  What kind of life will they have?  What will they bring to the world and into our lives?  What will we bring to them as adults?  Will we make an effort - however small - however deep our grief - to make the world a safer, kinder, more loving place for them?  I tell little Gwendolyn, only three days old, that I promise to be kind to her, to keep her safe, to make her life one filled with fun memories and love.  How long can I keep that promise?

A child is born.  A metaphor.  What is the child within us - the thing - the light - the gift - the talent - that wants to be born?  Are we willing to go through the pain of labor?  Are we willing to find our allies, our strengths so that we can bring our true best selves forth.  It is so difficult in the best of times, how much harder after someone we love has died.  I work hard at not letting grief be my WHOLE story.  I work hard at having my grief inspire me.  Some times I can't.  I am the Queen of Meltdowns.  If only there was an Olympic Gold Medal for meltdowns!

A new year, a new time - all created by human beings.  What can I create as the new year approaches.  New Year's Eve coming soon like a huge black cloud.  Will I spend it with my daughter and granddaughter or curled up in bed missing my husband?

We have so much to give.  Every one of us.  Yet, how tempting it is to hide - to live our empty parts instead of our full parts.  A child is born.  Blessings come to that.  Happy holidays.  Unhappy holidays.  It doesn't matter.  Go on a scavenger hunt for blessings and see how many you can find.  With great love and many hugs.  xo

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