Saturday, May 10, 2014

Grief: Mother's Day: Skating On Thin Ice

Here I am wanting to finally write a blog post and I am away from home.  When I opened my bag my computer was not in it.  Still proving I'm perfectly human.  I am on a borrowed computer and will have to wait until late Monday night to write something to you.  I don't even have a way to know if my computer is at home or it fell out of my bag on the train.  Life.

I haven't stopped writing.  My Facebook page ( is a dialogue with many people and I spend time every day posting and answering people.  I think the blog will go down to maybe one post a month.  I don't want to stop  writing it.  I know a lot of people - especially with blogs on grief - do stop after a time.  It is important to me to continue.  Yet, I often find I lack emotional stamina.  Especially with the fifth year blues of my own grief.

The above title is my title.  I owe you all so much and a blog post.

I didn't want to let Mother's Day go by without saying I am thinking of you.  All the mothers who are still mothers but their children have died.  All the children who feel lost because their mothers have died.  People always assume that everyone is having a "Happy" Mother's Day.  We know many, too many, people are not.

I hope tomorrow no matter your sadness, your longing, your pain - you will find something to celebrate in love and memory.  xo

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